IESCO MIS – Online Management Information System

Are you searching for how to use Iesco online Mis? W e have solved your query. IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) is providing an online panel to facilitate its line managers. In this panel, company managers can log in by their given login details by putting their specific username and password. By this MIS panel, they can get all the internal data and reports of the company.


You can follow these steps below to use IESCO Online MIS (Management Information System)

iesco online mis

Steps to use Online Mis

  • Go to official website
  • Type your Username on given space
  • type your specific password
  • Press Login button
  • Note: If you want to backspace or remove your enter word just press reset button it will removed your typed words from the block

IESCO Email Addresses

Below are email addresses to contact Iesco.

UsernameDisplay NameRolelogin URL
[email protected]CEO IESCOUser
[email protected]Company SecretaryUser
[email protected]General Manager (G.M/Tech Director)User
[email protected]DG (HR)User
[email protected]adg LegalUser
[email protected]Assistant Manager IT FDUser
[email protected]CCMCUser
[email protected]CEUser
[email protected]CE CSDUser
[email protected]CE DevelopmentUser
[email protected]CE GSOUser
[email protected]CE MMUser
[email protected]CE PlanningUser
[email protected]DG (A&S)User
[email protected]Chief Engg TSWUser
[email protected]ADG ISUser
[email protected]Deputy Chief AuditorUser
[email protected]Deputy Manager FinanceUser
[email protected]Finance DirectorUser
[email protected]Manager AdminUser
[email protected]Manager CMOUser
[email protected]Manager ConstructionUser
[email protected]Manager CoordinationUser
[email protected]Manager CSUser
[email protected]Manager GSCUser
m_m& [email protected]Manager M&TUser
[email protected]Manager MMUser
[email protected]Manager MTCUser
[email protected]Manager SurvelanceUser
[email protected]Manager Corp AcntsUser
[email protected]Manager Corp PlannUser
[email protected]Manager Finance PMUUser
[email protected]Manager Procurement PMUUser
[email protected]Manager PMUUser
[email protected]SE AttockUser
[email protected]SE ChakwalUser
[email protected]SE IslamabadUser
[email protected]SE JhelumUser
[email protected]SE RwpUser
[email protected]Manager CC BODUser informational Pages:

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